Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air Zoom Flight Five B

This is another pair that I used to have back in 1998. The Nike Air Zoom Flight Five B, this is Jason Kidd's second signature shoe. It was also known as the shoes with shades on the side. I actually had a hard time sitting on the floor with this shoe because the "shades" would get scratched.

I've been itching to have this pair also but due to budget constraints I opted for the Jordan Jumpman Team Pro. Actually, I've been monitoring it's price online for the past few weeks. To those who are interested, price is down to $85 (P3,995 @ P47 - $1) from $130 at Sneakerhead.com. Shipping to the Philippines however will cost you $45 (P2,115 @ P47 - $1) which actually negates your savings from the discounted price. You need contacts from the U.S. to buy this for you, in order to take advantage of this good buy.

Here are more pictures. (Pictures are from Sneakerhead.com)

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