Monday, September 29, 2008

Jordan Countdown Pack

I visited Nike Park at Bonifacio High Street last Saturday and available there are 4 sets of the Jordan Countdown pack. Each pack is selling for a whopping P16,000! The box alone is a collector's item but they are just too expensive.

But if I could afford it, I would get the Jordan 9 and 14. I love this pack because of the 14s. Jordan was wearing them when he hit that winning shot against Utah Jazz. The shot before his 2nd retirement.

Read more to see the other packs.

Jordan 7 & 16.

Jordan 4 & 19

Jordan 5 & 18


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Spotted, Hyperdunks are on sale at Planet Sports, Glorietta. This is the exact same colorway that I have. Get them now, they are really light and comfortable. One of the best shoes ever!

Price: P5,845.

I'm sure that there are better pictures in the net so please pardon me for this one.



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sports Warehouse SALE!

Sports Warehouse in Market Market is on super sale! All items that are on 50% off get an additional 10% off.

The Jordan 8 which has been growing on me ever since I saw Michael Beasley wearing them is on 50% off, price is down to P3,498. The additional 10% brings the price even lower to P3,148.2. When the salesman informed me of the price, I was already thinking of buying this pair. Good thing though that it didn't look good on me because that would have put an even bigger hole on my already empty wallet.

The orange/white colorway is also available but it's not on 50% off.

Read more to see my other finds.

AJF 12s for only P4,497

Jordan 3s for only P3,748. They are also at 60% off. All white and all black colorway are available.

Jordan 15s for only P4,497 and Jordan CP3 for P4,496.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Air Jordan Jumpman Team Pro Part 2

Good news! Two colorways are already available online at I can't wait to have my hands on mine.

Price: $114.99 (P5,404.53 @ P47 - $1)

Pics after the jump.


Kobe Zoom 81

According to my fashion consultant, dear wifey, purple is the color of the season. True enough, I’m being drawn to a purple colorway shoe. The Kobe Zoom 81 Team. This is the cheaper but better (at least to me) version of the Zoom Kobe III.

Compared to the Zoom Kobe III which is priced at P7,000++, the Zoom 81 is definitely cheaper at P5,700++. But to me and ordinary Filipinos it is still pricey, so I am just praying and hoping that size 12s will still be available when it goes on sale. I’m even hoping that it reaches the shelves of Sports Warehouse for an even bigger discount.

More colorways after the jump. Only the purple/white and black/gold/white are available in the Philippines.


Air Jordan Team Rising Star

I was supposed to buy this pair for playing on the streets. The court in our village is not covered and is made of cement. It has become notorious for leaving scars on knees and killing shoes. The court eats up rubber soles, many shoes have ended up having holes here.

I wish I bought this pair instead of the Jordan 12.5. Reviews for the Rising Star are all good. It's also much more comfortable than the 12.5.

It's still available in Nike Rufino Tower, selling for only P3,600. Only the white colorway is available though. This is another good buy for someone looking for cheap basketball shoes.


Crazy for Ateneo

As much as I am crazy for sneakers, I am also crazy for Ateneo. Finally, after six long years we are once again the Champions of the UAAP.

Dear wifey is sad that La Salle lost, but she'll be happy that I have no more games to watch on weekends.

P.S. She still can't believe that Rabah has become this good. She asks me, what has he been eating? I answer, Shawarma of course. haha


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Air Flight Skool

Kevin Durant was drafted No. 2 in last year's draft. Due to Greg Oden's injury he was basically the top playing rookie last year, in fact he won the Rookie of the Year Award for the 2007 - 2008 season. Of course as a top rookie you get your very own signature shoes, Air Flight Skool.

The Seattle Sonics colorway is on sale at for $59.99 (P2,819.53 @ P47 - $1). This is a potential collector's item (depending on KD's career) because the Sonics are moving to Oklahoma and are now known as Oklahoma Thunder. This is probably the last of KD's shoes that are of this colorway.

Air Flight Skool is also on 35% off sale at Nike Stadium. It's selling for only P2,921. 2. The Sonics colorway however is not available here. Two colorways are still available black/orange/white and blue/white. This is a good buy for someone looking for cheap basketball shoes. They are very light, being of the Flight family. Hurry now while supplies last.

Pictures are taken from my Sony Ericsson K800i. (Note to self, need to learn to take better pictures!)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air Zoom Flight Five B

This is another pair that I used to have back in 1998. The Nike Air Zoom Flight Five B, this is Jason Kidd's second signature shoe. It was also known as the shoes with shades on the side. I actually had a hard time sitting on the floor with this shoe because the "shades" would get scratched.

I've been itching to have this pair also but due to budget constraints I opted for the Jordan Jumpman Team Pro. Actually, I've been monitoring it's price online for the past few weeks. To those who are interested, price is down to $85 (P3,995 @ P47 - $1) from $130 at Shipping to the Philippines however will cost you $45 (P2,115 @ P47 - $1) which actually negates your savings from the discounted price. You need contacts from the U.S. to buy this for you, in order to take advantage of this good buy.

Here are more pictures. (Pictures are from


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Air Jordan Jumpman Team Pro

I remember buying this pair when it first came out about back in 1998. It retailed at P 4,000; but I had only saved 2,000 and had to borrow the other half from my sister. Up to this day, I have not paid her back, hehehe.

After 10 years Nike is releasing them again starting October 1. Three colorways will be released. SRP is $115 (P 5,405 @ P47 - $1).

Dear Wifey and I had an binding agreement that I had to wait until December before I can buy shoes again, but I just had to have this pair. As fate would have it, I have a friend who will be coming home next month and she has happily agreed to buy it for me. I can't wait to have my all white colorway in a month's time.

Other colorways will be released by the end of the year.