Friday, September 18, 2009

Online Shopping

After a year into the shoe game, I have splurged in my first online shopping experience. I purchased from I think that this the only US site that ships to the Philippines. I was actually hoping that my purchase would not push through but now that my kicks are here; I'm one very happy sneakerhead. It took about 7 days for the package to get to customs then I got my notice after 9 days and finally today I picked them up in Pasay.

Interested in what I purchased? See them after the jump.

3M Dunk low. I know that these were released here but when I decided I wanted them, I couldn't find any in my size anymore.

Ice soles, FTW. I'm gonna rock them tonight.

Now when I was checking out of sneakerhead, shipping was just too expensive so I decided to get another shoe to maximize on shipping. Luckily these were on sale already. Zoom Foamposite Lite, Playoff Pack. This is Amare Stoudemire's PE.

The shoe is heavier than the ones in my current rotation but I got these for the cushioning.

Look at that insole, it's really thick! I wouldn't be able to use my custom insoles in this one because it feels weird.

Here are my tips for online shopping:

1. Buy more than 1 to maximize shipping.
2. Choose items on sale, so that the savings there will offset shipping cost.
3. Under declare your items at customs. The lady asked how much I bought them. I made the rookie mistake of declaring the correct cost.
4. Ask for a discount after they compute the tax. The initial tax was around P4,200 but when I asked for a discount, the lady just asked if I'm fine without having an official receipt. Of course I said yes and just like magic tax went down by 50% haha. I paid the customs lady P2,000 and another P35 outside for some other fee.

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