Saturday, September 12, 2009

After a very long hiatus

It's been almost a year since my last post and it feels good to start posting again. My addiction started from the release of the Hyperdunk at around July last year and I can say that it really has been crazy since then. The shoe game is a very expensive and addicting hobby; surfing through sneaker sites and forums has become part of my daily routine. I would advice those who haven't caught the bug yet to step away from this game.

Anyway this post is to share the kicks I have amassed for a little over a year now. See them after the jump.

A pair of Zoom Kobe 4s, and the Zoom 81. I love the Kobe line, the Kobe 1 and 3 are in my wish list. I'm hoping for the Finals or Championship/gold medals to drop here.

Some Team Jordans: Jordan Olympia United We Rise, Jumpman Team pro, and CP3 2. CP3 2 is best among this group, Olympia has little cushioning while the Team pro is a bit too heavy.

Flywire + Lunar foam or more commonly known as the Hyperdunk and Hyperize. The hyperdunk has bottomed out on me hoping that the Hyperize would last longer. Nonetheless I love this line, will surely cop the next one.

Lifestyle shoes for malling, Presto Retro, Air Max 1, and Lebron 6 low. I'm tempted to use the LBJ6 for balling but the lack of ankle support scares me. Cushioning is the best though.

Sneakers: Lacoste and some Onitsuka Mexicos.

For balling in cement courts: Jordan 12.5, and Zoom Flight Club. I rarely use the 12.5s while the latter is part of my regular rotation.

I learned a lot from playing this game, here are some things to avoid, don't fall for the hype, buy what you like. Sometimes patience is virtue because some will eventually go on sale while there are times that you should buy at first sight or you'll end up regretting it. Moving forward my game plan is to budget, limit, and more importantly plan.

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